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Muster Room Directions
(*Note: Muster Room at Singapore Indoor Stadium is relocated with effect from 10 Apr 2024.)

1. Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS)
NEW Muster Room location at Level 2
, Between the East Entrance and the South Entrance (above Thai Village Restaurant)

i) Take Exit “A” when you arrive at Stadium MRT Station. Turn left and walk towards SIS.

ii) Turn right and look out for the staircases or escalator to the North Entrance.

iii) Go up to Level 2 towards the North Entrance and turn left.

iv) Walk past the East Entrance.

v) Continue to walk towards the South.

vi)  Arrive at SATS Muster Room at South-East (facing carpark, above Thai Village Restaurant).

2. National Stadium (NST) Muster Room at Level 3

i) Take Exit “B” when you arrive at Stadium MRT Station. Turn left walk towards the NST entrance.

ii) Proceed up to Level 3 using the escalator.

iii) Arrive at Level 3, Gate 7. Turn right and walk towards Gate 11.

iv) Arrive at Gate 11. Proceed into the Staff Check-In Area on Level 2 by entering the door on the right.

v) Arrive at the Muster Room.

vi) Proceed straight and look out for SATS Check-In Counter.
Check In Counter